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Default iSight internal webcam to USB pinout - 12-23-2010, 02:36 PM

Recently decided to play around with gettting a better webcam on my mini9, and since i had an old Macbook Pro 15" webcam sitting around, I thought i'd try and use that. It's basically a USB camera so with a bit of detective work you can find the pinout and attach it to the same cable the mini9 webcam uses.

searching the internet gave me little to work with so i found them by trial and error.

my isight came with the ribbon cable which terminates at a plug, which i snipped off to expose the three wires, one of which contains two extremely fine wires for the data signal, the other two being +ve and ground.

In the pic above you can see the wires as they meet the ribbon. the blue wire houses two wires: the pinkish wire which is marked track 1 and is data- and a green wire which is on track 2 and is data+. the blue wire has shielding which is soldered to pins on the ribbon on either side of the data tracks. the pale grey cable is track 5 and is VCC or +ve, dark grey/black cable is track 6 and is usb ground.

So to the pins on the camera board - if pin 1 is the one marked with the arrow or caret at the bottom in the pic above, the pins are as follows:

PIN1 = unused (connected to shielding)
PIN2 = data-
PIN3 = data+
PIN4 = unused (connected to shielding)
PIN5 = VCC or +ve
PIN7 = joins track 6 so GROUND too

so with that info you should be able to fashion a new cable or solder wires directly to the camera board. I eventually decided fitting the camera into the mini9 would be a bit too destructive so it's currently just sitting on the end of a usb lead right now. hopefully this info will help someone who's looking for the pinouts.

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Default 12-02-2012, 07:33 PM

On my webpage you can find how to connect isight webcam to USB port

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