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Default 02-15-2012, 01:34 AM

Following the guide, I've now had complete success with an external USB Floppy drive. So anyone out there who couldn't get it to work with a usb thumb drive, definitely try out an external floppy disk drive. I got one from craigslist for $5. Thanks for this thread.

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Default 04-17-2012, 10:10 PM

Thanks guys for all your suggestions, my dell 1011 is working again. Since I spend couple of days sorting out how to restore "unsuccessful" bios downgrade here are few lessons I learned.
First, attached files indeed work fine, however if you want to restore to original and dell recommended bios version, download A06 version like R246690.exe (win executable), run extract and copy bios.rom file from C:\windows\temp directory, to a floppy disk (follow post 1 for full instructions). Some people mentioned that after upgrade net book should restart, that didn’t happen to me, but the power light turned off. That was the sign that the whole process was finished. Press power bottom and wholla.
Secondly, after first restore my netbook was asking for master bios password (I don't think this is the right thread to discuss any further, but briefly). Take your dell mini apart, disconnect internal battery and leave it for ~ 1hour and no more password (15min no battery trick didn't remove password (at least for me)).
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Default Modified recovery program - 07-28-2012, 04:52 PM

I have modified the recovery program to already include the correct BIOS.ROM/BIOS.WPH file, so the extra steps of deleting the WPH from the 1010 and replacing it are unnecessary. Just run the i1011-modified-recovery-a##.exe and your diskette will be ready.

These are zip files that include the recovery exe and a README with instructions. Thanks so much for this thread! I thought my netbook was dead. Now I've managed to get it updated to 10.6.8 and install Xcode 4.2 AND get the iOS 5.1 SDK and simulator working! Who needs Lion?!

I have made two different recovery programs for you guys. One includes the correct BIOS for A05, the other A06. You can get the files here (don't have attachment permission, sorry - if someone wants to attach it for me that'd be great):

LimeLinx - Home - Free File Hosting and Sharing - Audio, Video, Image

LimeLinx - Home - Free File Hosting and Sharing - Audio, Video, Image

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Default 08-24-2013, 10:24 PM

Thanks for this, my 1011 now lives again.
All members keep up the good work....
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Talking Bricked Dell Mini 1011 - 07-15-2014, 04:27 PM

I bricked my netbook while downgrading BIOS to a04. Finally after spending nearly 15 days trying brought the netbook back to life. I just want to share my experience:
1. USB floppy drive required.
2. Bricked Netbook can be powered with 'End' + Power switch. No need Fn + End, at least in my case.
3. I had made bootable floppy with Crisdisk using minidos system. Floppy contained only 03 files - minidos.sys, phlash16.exe and of course BIOS.WPH
4. Various types of BIOS files used. Floppy drive used to make sounds, but no success.
5.I remembered having flashed with A06 while the netbook was in working condition. Therefore it must have backed up it's ROM file somewhere. It did not flash finally as the existing file was not newer.
6. I removed the keyboard of bricked netbook, removed the hard disk, hooked up the hard disk in another desktop. Copied the BIOS.BAK from the hard disk's windows/Temp/Winflash/DOS to the bootable floppy. Renamed BIOS.WPH.
7. Final touch - Battery removed, power cord removed, attached the USB floppy drive with the bootable floppy inside with the renamed BIOS.BAK to BIOS.WPH, pressed 'End' button, connected the power cord, released 'End' button + Pressed Power Button once. One Beep, pause, Floppy Drive accessed, multiple beeps with running of Floppy drive. Finally the power LED was off automatically. After waiting for nearly 10 minutes, removed the floppy drive, removed the power cord, waited for 30 sec to 01 min, connected the power cord, pressed Power button - the netbook is online.
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