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BFRedrocks BFRedrocks is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 01-30-2009, 09:33 PM

Mini 9 (on the way)
XPS 4600 Pentium IV w/ 19" LCD
XPS 4200 Pentium IV w/ 15" LCD
Old XPS w/ Pentium III and Windows 95 (for the kids, you know)
Original Dell Axim (X5)
Numerous Dell branded accessories

Dell Mini 9: Obsidian Black, 64GB Runcore SSD, 2GB RAM, BT, 1.3MP, IOGEAR BT Mouse, 500GB WD Elite HD, LG GP08 DVD Drive, 16GB Transcend SDHC, AT&T Quicksilver 3G Aircard, Timbuktu Sleeve, Case Logic Case
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pinhead pinhead is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 01-31-2009, 05:33 AM

Mini 9
Vostro 200 w/ 19" monitor
Axim x50v
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Freakin Freakin is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 01-31-2009, 07:08 AM

1 Dell 3007FP 30" monitor
2 dell 2001FP 20" monitors
1 dell XPS M1210
1 dell inspiron E1505
1 dell 2405FPW 24" monitor
1 dell 17" monitor
i may have another 20" widescreen somewhere, but don't remember...
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cohoman cohoman is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 01-31-2009, 03:40 PM

I've always bought Dell laptops over the years. Here's some of the Dell stuff I've bought:

- Dell D610 Latitude Laptop
- Dell x50v Axim Pocket PC
- Dell x30 Axim Pocket PC
- Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop
- Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop

Not all of this is mine... most of it was for my wife.


Dell Mini 9 Web Blog:
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rareed0219 rareed0219 is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 01-31-2009, 09:24 PM

Manage IT shop. It is 90% Dell, PowerEdge Servers, racks, tape archives, JBOD. All desktops are Dell.

Laptops are Dell

Now if they made thin clients I could drop the HP thin clients and achieve 100%.
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jjkrueger jjkrueger is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 02-01-2009, 08:33 AM

To add my gear to the list......

Latitude D820 (+d/Port)
P1130 21" CRT
PowerConnect 2724
1600n MFP
5100cn Color Laser
3 Precision 390 workstations
Dimension 4400
(used to have 2 Inspiron 8600 and a Latitude d420, too)
and, of course, the Mini 9 is on the way.

And then there's all the Apple gear, but that's not for this thread :-)

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jimmyznutz jimmyznutz is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 02-01-2009, 01:39 PM

Axim X51v
XPS 420
Studio Hybrid Desktop
Inspiron Mini 9
S2209W 22" Widescreen High Def Monitor
SP2208WFP 22" widescreen High Def Monitor
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Brynjaminjones Brynjaminjones is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 02-01-2009, 05:39 PM

Not just mine, but my family all share:
2x Inspiron 1720
Inspiron 9400
Old Dimension 4100 (Pentium 3, 128mb RAM! :lol: :lol: )
Old 17" CRT Monitor
lots of Dell keyboards and mice
and my Mini 9.

EDIT: I now also have a Dell G2410 to accompany my self-built desktop, with an extra wire to occasionally connect up my Mini 9.

My Mini: Dell Mini 9, Obsidian Black, 16gb SSD, 8gb SDHC, 2gb RAM, 1.3mp Webcam, Bluetooth, White Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse, Windows 7 Ultimate
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c3money c3money is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 05-04-2009, 03:31 AM

I love this qustion because I love computers and I love talking about them. But anyway, I have a Dell XPS M140 laptop. I loved it when I first got it. And even though it is approximately 4 years old now, it still works awesomely. I also have a Dell Inspiron 1520 which I bought just after its release. What is funny is that I went to Dell and built a 1520 to my satisfaction, and when I got done with it, the laptop was going to cost me about $3000.00. There was no way I could afford that, so I almost didn't get one. But then IO went to Dell Outlet, and I found a 1520 that, minus one small detail, was built just the way I was going to have one built. I looked at the price, and surprisingly it was being sold for $1150.00. I called the outlet store before I bought it and asked why it was so cheap. The rep told me that it was just built, but the owner changed his mnd before they could send it to him. He said that it was brand new, had no dings or scratches whatsoever, and worled flawlessly. So I took a chance and ordered it. And the rep was right. I have had it for about a year and a half now. and it still looks and works like it was brand new. When I received it, I upgraded the hard drive to a 200gb 7200 RPM drive, and the RAM from the 2gb to 4gb DDR2 667Mhz RAM. This laptop is tweaked out, and it is the best laptop that I have ever had or even seen. And I also have a Dell XPS 410. I have had ttrouble with this computer from day one, but it isnt anything under the warranty. Besides, I believe that I Finally got it all fixed. I have had it for about 4 years as well now, and it still looks and works as though it was brand new. I am having blue screen issues with it though, which is really due to the operating system. When I get time, I am going to install the OS in it again, but with a different OS disk, becazuse I think the one that I used has a bad file or damaged kernell in it. Anyway, well, that raps up all the Dell stuff that I have. Bottom line is I absolutely love Dell computers. They really rock. Thanks for reading.
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popartist popartist is offline
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Default Re: What Dell stuff do you own? - 05-04-2009, 04:37 AM

I buy for our office, and all servers and workstations are Dells of various models/vintages - my own workstation is one of the oldest, it's a Dell Dimension (I forget the number, I think it's 2400 or something like that edit - it's a 4400) Pentium 4, 1.7GHz that is seven years old and still running well! Only real updates came almost two years ago when the OS was updated from Windows 2000 to XP Pro, and the memory from 256MB to 1GB (the max). Only bad thing about it's just USB 1.1 and just has a CD-ROM, no burner. I do have a newer Dell 20" LCD monitor though.

On the home front, I am awaiting delivery of my new Vostro A90 (16GB SSD, 1GB RAM, Ubuntu). My desktop computer is a 4+ year old Dimension 3000 bought from the outlet, Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz. HD is 80GB, but I've been keeping most of my data/music files on external drives so I don't have space issues. Monitor is not Dell, it's a 15" Envision LCD that is 5+ years old. Everything still works great, especially since I upgraded the RAM from 512MB to 2GB (the max), speed is not an issue at all. I have only had two home desktops (my first home PC bought in 1994) before my current system - neither were Dells. I am hoping my desktop and monitor hold out for about another year - by that time we'll have Windows 7 (probably SP1) and hopefully the next gen of USB.

Vostro A90 - Windows 7 Home Premium, 32GB Super Talent SSD (GFDL), 2GB G.SKILL RAM, 8 cell 5200 mAh Better Power battery, 0.3MP webcam, Bluetooth
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