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Default My Duo - 11-06-2013, 10:34 AM

Acquired a gently used [Red](?) Duo, and am looking to make any modifications, upgrades, or tweaks which would improve its performance and started this thread to invite people to share their information on my options and perhaps learn something from my experience. Not looking to play games on it, I have two primary roles in mind. Standard netbook/tablet use (simple web browsing, ebook reader, watch videos), anticipate I will also be using it to control a desktop attached to a large LCD (50" class) via RAdmin.

My first modification involved a Logitech Unifying Receiver, I found that the receiver did not allow the hinged cover for the USB ports to close fully and did not want to damage the cover due to it not being closed over what is essentially a permanent installation. Having had one of them fall apart on me before, I got the idea of removing the black cover from the end (leave the white part alone if you can), this allows the cover to close over it. I will be adding some hot glue to the resulting (dis)assembly to secure and protect it. Would like to do the same thing with a similarly sized USB drive for ReadyBoost. Hope this tip helps other people who might be annoyed with the same issue.

I also replaced two of the rubber "feet" using rubber tape (using the aluminum cylinder of a stylus as a die to cut them to the correct size circles, and 3M Spray Adhesive), and added a strip of the same rubber tape to secure the "label door", which did not appear to be very secure on my unit at all.

An issue I am dealing with now is the "Factory Image" appears to be corrupt/unuseable. When I go to use it, it just loads Windows as normal. I realize moving forward that I am better off with a fresh install, but would like the option to restore the computer to its factory state. It isn't something I anticipate doing myself, but it would be nice to restore that capability. How would I go about doing this?

Other upgrades I'm considering or anticipating are an SSD, Intel Wireless (currently have the Atheros combo WiFi/BT), W8.1 (x64?), using the Dock in conjunction with a USB-to-HDMI adapter, and putting something in the minicard slot. What are my options there? I understand that it isn't really a miniPCIe slot, its "only wired for USB" but what CAN I put in there? a GPS unit? are there any other options? (Before I figured out the above trick I toyed with the idea of hacking a Logi Receiver in there, lol.

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