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Default Looking to get my first mini! - 04-08-2010, 10:40 AM

Hi there, so i'm heading away for 7 weeks in June and figure what better time than now to get myself set up with a dell mini! I only discovered these forums yesterday and they seem to have answers to everything, and have a really helpful interesting community going on.

So right now I've only got around €200 to spend and am based in Ireland. The dell outlet store seems like my best bet. At present they have "inspiron 1010" which I assume is the original mini, and "inspiron mini 1011", which is the 10v. Both are retailing at about €150. Which would I be better to try and get?

The 1010 has the Intel ┬« Atom™ - 1330 and is on XP with 1GB of RAM. And the 1011 has the Intel ┬« Atom™ - 1600, with similar specs obviously. Almost all the 1011 just have the 3 cell battery from what I can see, and only some of them mention the 1.3MP webcam, but I thought this was a standard feature?

I know the 10v is better for hackintosh and stuff like that but I ideally I'd like to install Windows 7 and get the second gig of RAM in. I've seen the tutorials on the site here for upgrading both these elements so shouldn't have any problems. I have a retail copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, would there be any problems getting this to work once I get the ISO from the disc? Is Crucial the best price/reliability DDR2 SODIMM 2GB sticks in Ireland/UK?

Anyway first step to all this, any tips on which of these models I should go for?

Dell Factory Outlet [click stockroom - "Inspiron Notebooks" > "Inspiron 1010" or "Inspiron Mini 1011" and hit filter results]

Any thoughts on anything as there seem to be identical models of the 1011 on sale for different prices. E6V3PAVR looks like the favourite. Once it isn't pink I'm happy! Thanks again!
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Default 04-08-2010, 02:35 PM

If you want to add RAM, avoid the 1010 - it is not upgradeable. The 1011 is better suited for this. The 1010's advantage is the HDMI output and somewhat better performance for HD graphics. In most other ways, the 1011 is superior.

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Default 04-09-2010, 02:50 PM

View Details
€159.67Inspiron Mini 1011
LCD Back Cover Product Red
Intel ┬« Atom™ - 1600
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
160gb 5400 rpm HD

I just saw that one. THat would be a nice one, moreover, the red is less of a finger print magnet.

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Default 04-15-2010, 05:21 AM

Personally, I ordered an N280 processor because I've heard there is a just a bit faster performance on it over the N270. In the beginning I'm sure it won't matter as much but I'm concerned with use over time.

I just ordered a 10v (1011) with 6 cell battery upgrade (7-8hrs use), 1510 Wireless N upgrade and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR upgrade. Running with Windows XP I paid $312 after taxes with free shipping in the US! I used a coupon code: BHG94B83JW77VK which is good until April 16, 2010. NOTE: If you plan on hackint0shing I'd buy a system with Windows XP because they charge +$30 just for having windows 7 start installed.

For more coupons I would suggest following @DellOutlet on their twitter website or signing up for their outlet email alerts. They give out coupons pretty regularly. This was the second coupon so far that saved 15% on the Inspiron Mini 10v line.
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Default 04-15-2010, 12:09 PM

If you are still looking at buying a 10v, I wouldn't leave it for too long, as they are becoming increasingly harder to find, and are being phased out by Dell.

In fact it now looks as if full production has stopped already, although there are still some around, both new and from the Outlets.

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