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Default Strange Performance Reading Mini 1012 compared to Mini 1018. - 04-22-2014, 04:53 AM

I have three Dell Mini laptops (a) Mini 1010 (b) Mini 1012 (c) Mini 1018.

I have been comparing the performance levels of the 1012 compared to the 1018.

The 1012 has Win 7 Starter 32 bit installed and the 1018 has Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed.

The Windows Experience Index for both machines is 2.4

When you look at the details a bit further the readings are as follows:

Processor Calc per second 2.4 subscore for both the 1012 and the 1018.

Memory RAM Memory operations per second 4.7 subscore for both machines. Both machines have 2GB RAM installed DDR2 (1012) DDR3 (1018).

Graphics Desktop performance for Windows Aero 2.6 (1018) 3.1 (1012).

Gaming Graphics 3D business and gaming graphics performance 3.0 for both machines.

Primary hard disk Disk data transfer rete 5.9 (1018) 5.7 (1012). The 1018 has a 750GB Seagate 7200 hd and the 1012 has a 250GB western Digital 5400 hd installed.

What appears to be odd about these readings is that the graphics performance for the Mini 1012 is better than the Mini 1018. The DDR3 RAM in the 1018 appears to be no advantage and there appears to be very little between two machines. Both have the same Intel 3150 Graphice Accelerator, so there shouldn't be anything between them.

I will repeat the test when I have Win7 Untimate 64 bit loaded on the Mini 1012.

There appears to be little or no performance gain in the 1018 over the 1012. I can only come to the conclusion that the 1012 is a much better machine as it has more facilities (two speakers V one, three usb ports v two and a microphone input and a bettter web cam).

Dell Mini 1010 160GB hard drive
Dell Mini 1012 250GB hard drive 2GB RAM
Dell Mini 1018 1,000GB hard drive 2GB RAM
Dell XPS M1730 X9000 CPU NV M9800GTX 2GB video. 8 GB ram 256GB SSD & Seag hyb 750GB

Dell XPS M1730 X9000 CPU NV M9800 GTX 2GB video 4gb ram 256gb SSD & 200gb Hit hd
Dell XPS M1330 2.6ghz Seagate 750gb hd.
Dell XPS M1330 2.5ghz Western Dig 750GB hd.

Dell Studio XPS 1645 I7 840QM CPU 8GB Ram.
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