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Default WiFI on Linux - 03-08-2011, 05:07 PM

I recently bought a 1012 and upgraded it to 2gb and it's not a bad little machine.

Windows 7 works good, but is a bit slow for my liking. I split the HD into multiple partitions and created 4 10gb partitions and 1 2gb partition. On each of the 10gb partitions I've installed a diff distro of linux to test them out. I have Jolicloud, Puppy, Ubuntu Netbook and Easy Peasy. Ubuntu and Jolicloud see and work nicely with the WiFI instantly. Puppy and Easy Peasy do not.

Much beyond installing Linux and I'm like a fish out of water. In Puppy there is a list of drivers that I could try loading for the WiFI but it's long and would take forever to try each one. Not sure how to even do that in Easy Peasy. Would love to get both of them working as Puppy is super fast on the 1012, Easy Peasy isn't too bad speed wise either, but has a great feel to it. Jolicloud is nice but haven't played with it much. Ironically, I find ubuntu netbook slower on the netbook than ubuntu desktop!

The netbook is strictly a recreation machine, so if you have suggestions for other small/fast full (or close) featured distros to try, let me know and I'll give them a go. But really need your help in figuring out how to get the wifi working on Puppy and Easy Peasy.


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Default 03-08-2011, 06:58 PM

I believe the 1012 has two WiFi cards available. A low-end N card or a G card. The N card has an Atheros chipset, the G probably Broadcom. I think the Atheros works out-of-the-box on most modern distros, the Broadcom may require driver installation.

(I think the similar 1018 gets a low-end N card from Realtek)

Which card do you have? Try running "sudo lshw -C network" in a terminal (superuser-do list-hardware, just network devices).

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