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Default Dell Streak Accessories Review w/Vids - 07-13-2010, 03:03 PM

Even with our Dell Streak UI chat last night, I've still had some major playtime with my Dell Streak accessories that came through.

Streak Home Dock
This was the biggy, the £54.99 beast that would dock my Streak and give it deal-breaking HDMI-out. The Home Dock came with the Dock, USB-to-MiniUSB (for syncing), Power-to-USB (for charging via USB) and USB-AC adaptor (for charging with aforementioned lead) - notably no HDMI lead itself. The top of the dock contains a nested slot with dock-connector and a clear plastic support for the Streak the main surface is a nice rubbery texture whereas on the bottom its shiny plastic like we saw on earlier Streak models. The back sports the main ports: Power, MiniUSB, HDMI and an audio line out. All in all, it's a very nice build, it's quite weighty as well and feels very solid. Shame there's no HDMI lead though.
The Streak rests nicely in the dock and when plugged into your computer the choices to setup for file transfer are displayed as normal. However when you just plug the dock into power, there is no alert stating the Streak is in the dock at all it just starts silently charging in the background. Its not until you go to play a video in the native photo/video viewer application, that the Streak points out it's connected to something with HDMI and gives you the option to push the video it's playing through the HDMI port. The native media app is the only thing that supports HDMI output at this time - meaning no Youtube, Doubletwist or any other custom media play you may have installed, this will inevitably be a disappointment to a lot of people, especially those hoping it would simply clone the Streaks screen.

Right now, the Dell Streak dock's abilities are limited, at the very least it provides a classy docking station to charge/sync your Streak with your PC, but at the moment the HDMI output does feel a little limited. Many of of us were hoping for full screen viewing through the HDMI port but apparently this isn't possible because of Android itself. As far as I see it, all the hardware is there, so we could hopefully see expanded HDMI support in the future with software updates or driver releases.
£54.99 from Dell. Check out the video below playing a 720p clip with the Dell Streak:

Form Fit Case
At £24.99 the Dell Streak form-fit case was the cheapest out of the accessories I received. The package comes with the plastic case and a invisible screen protector (which was a pleasant surprise). The form-fit case snaps nicely into place around the streak, and has notches and holes in all the right places to elegantly expose the various buttons, ports and interfaces on the Streak. The bottom of the case is hinged slightly which not only helps you fit the cast but when you open it up completely it expose the bottom half of the Streak, allowing you to place into the HDMI dock without having to fully remove the case - this was a nice touch.
I don't really have a bad thing to say about the Streak Form-fit case, although you don't get a lot it's certainly carries of the more justifiable prices, as this is something I will actually use everyday.
£24.99 from Dell.
Premium Wallet Case
The Premium Wallet Case is a diary-style leather case for the Dell Streak, there is a flap in the middle with a plastic housing to slide the Streak into for safe keeping, there is also a kick stand to prop the Streak up for media viewing. This whole package includes an elastic strap to wrap around the outside for when you need to keep the wallet shut. I can really only picture someone who uses their Streak as a secondary device finding a use for the wallet case, maybe if you needed to present something on it in a very premium fashion; it's too large to consider a day-to-day case and making phone calls with the Streak in place is out of the question. That being said, this is certainly a "premium" product as the name suggests: the outside of the case is bound with leather and the inside bears a nice textured quality which matches the Streak design that's featured on the packaging.
I think the wallet case will cater for its need well when you can find one, and definitely for traveller who wants some media consumption while on the train or aeroplane. Price: £32.00 from Dell.

Not enough for ya? There are a whole bunch of Dell Streak accessory photos in this thread.

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default 07-13-2010, 08:40 PM

Cracking reviews mate, it seems odd we can't get full screen TV Out when the Samsung Galaxy S does it, but then that isn't HDMI.
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Default 07-16-2010, 12:20 PM

After receiving the Streak Premium Wallet case (as reviewed above) and being reasonably unimpressed by it I noticed that it differs significantly to the one pictured on the web-site.

I contacted Dell about it and they have just got back to me with the following

Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Service.

In relation to the below email rehgarding the Streak Premium Wallet case, as you have mentioned its not up to the mark as its mentioned in the website.

Please advise if you would like to return for full refund, so that you can place anew order again.
I've asked for confirmation that I will definitely receive the correct one next time.

Has anyone at all received the case as featured on the accessories page instead of the case with the elastic band?
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Default 08-18-2010, 01:17 PM

Good job m8. Shame about the video output. Thats a dealbreaker for me.
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Default 08-23-2010, 03:04 PM

when you say gps built in - you of course meant to say " gps hardware but no offline maps available (only works on google maps when you have a good signal and dont mind paying for a connection - but you will get lost as soon as you get out of the big towns and the signal fails)" - seems a bit rubbish that they give it a GPS style screen and car mount but dont do a deal with somebody who sells gps maps
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Default 08-23-2010, 09:41 PM

Originally Posted by paulross View Post
when you say gps built in - you of course meant to say " gps hardware but no offline maps available (only works on google maps when you have a good signal and dont mind paying for a connection - but you will get lost as soon as you get out of the big towns and the signal fails)" - seems a bit rubbish that they give it a GPS style screen and car mount but dont do a deal with somebody who sells gps maps
Try Navigon, working perfectly for me, its a standalone satnav program and needs no internet connectivity, and includes complete maps of Europe.
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Default 08-25-2010, 01:22 PM

I'm curious what the outside is like smooth or possibly gel like to be slip resistant?
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Default 10-14-2010, 07:22 AM


Now that you have 2.2 installed can you output from Youtube via HDMi on the Home Dock or do you think (as in your video) that the ability to do that would have to come from Dell?

Still expensive at £54 so I'm hoping it may come down in price.
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