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Talking wooo startcraft - 05-13-2009, 09:02 PM

I play starcraft on my mini. Its the ultimate traveling starcraft LAN machine. I only have one problem, its not Mini 9 related, but windows 7 related. The colors are skwery. It doesn't affect game play, its just annoying. The splash screen is mostly bright tourquoise and the in-game water/lava textures are messed up.

I've read that that if you if open up the "change resolution" in windows up, and then run starcraft, it fixes it. This only worked the first time for me.

But Like I said, it doesn't affect my game play, or my zealot rushes . i know other windows 7 users have this same problem. If anyone has figured out a different solution than the one I mention, I'd love to hear it.

And yes, I downloaded starcraft from blizzard first to my big laptop, and then copied the entire starcraft folder to my mini. I've also ran it from a thumb drive with no problems.

Now if only I could wrap my head around zerg strategy.
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Default 05-27-2009, 11:16 PM

So I have noticed that after about 20 or 30 min playing SC i get a full system lock up, cant alt-tab, cant ctrl-alt-del. I can only hard reboot to get out of the game. I am running a mini9 with 32 gb runcore, 2 gb of kingston 533 mem, windows 7, happens in both wireless and wired. i am not using the defualt ms video drivers. I d/l the most up to date intel vista drivers. I am thinking about trying the ms drivers though. any other ideas? I do not get an error msg of any type. I am also running sc in full compatability mode with every option checked to fix the color problem.
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