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Default New to Windows and Dell - 01-16-2010, 10:25 PM

I just got a mini 1012 last night at BestBuy. And now I sit and wait for a way to get OSX on it.

I can post photos and give any information if anyone wants to see anything in particular.

Here is what I know as of now:

There is a slot in the battery bay for a phone SIM card.

The battery wobbles just a tiny bit in the bay.

Despite what one user believed to be a cheapo case bottom, it is very tough and well-made - the plastic is hard and thick.

The SD*MS/MMC port has a pull-out plug and has no snap-in dealie, so the card will not click into the body of the mini and will stick out while in use.

The keyboard is great! I just wish that it had a Caps Lock light! And it is not that much smaller than my MacBook keyboard. My big paws fit it pretty darned well for it being so small.

I am not sure why so many are disappointed with the monitor being recessed into the lid a bit. Seems pretty silly to me. The monitor itself is very bright and clear. Me likey!

The camera works well and videos are easy to make and use.

I really like the trackpad with the two integrated buttons at the bottom. I have had one with the button to the sides, which really sucks, IMO.

The bezel around the monitor and the case lid are of the same overly shiny, pimp-looking plastic that will never, at any time, look good due to fingerprints and dust. A matte finish would have been sooooo much nicer, but this is a very nice and inexpensive computer, so fingerprints and dust be damned! I still really like this netbook, overall.

Now, as for Windows 7 Starter...

There appears to be no built-in software for the user to watch DVDs. You cannot do a lot of very basic things, like change your desktop picture from the ghastly stock one. The help guides frequently start with "The information in this Help topic doesn't apply to Windows 7 Starter edition." And that is that. Huh! Oh, well. This is pretty lame. Do not get me wrong, here. I really like 7 a lot, but to hobble it in such basic ways, to take out support for such basic things just to force an upgrade for $79 is a certain way for me to do the Hackintosh thing to this nice, little guy. I mean, come on, removal of the ability to change the DESKTOP BACKGROUND? Lame, lame, lame...

Thus far I have been quite pleased with this computer. It is, for me, just the right size with just the right power and features for my needs and my wallet. I only wish I could have added the TV card later. This one does not have the antenna port, so short of buying the card AND the lower case plastics with the proper jack, I do not see how it can be retrofitted. The GPS would also have been nice, but I wanted this thing NOW. It was a very cool impulse purchase.

Any questions or requests for photos are welcomed by me. I will be adding a 2GB RAM stick soon and plan on fiddling with the SD slot some as well. And, of course, I will be one of the ones willing to test mine with any OSx86 builds as they come up. I will need some help, however. I do not know much about Windows and will need some hand holding to get this thing running OSX. But I am willing to take some time to experiment.

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