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Default Broken Screen... - 04-01-2011, 03:41 PM

Hey guys, new here.

Yesterday my LCD screen cracked and Dell won't replace under warranty, so I am doing it myself. I have already got the old screen out and am just looking to order a new screen so wanted a little advice. I have a standard spec 1012, no 3G, no HD. 6 cell battery, 1024x600screen, 1Gb ram, 160Gb HDD and running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Should I go for the 1366x768 screen? My 1012 doesn't have the HD broardcom? unit, so I don't use it for HD films, but was wondering if it made a decent difference to surfing the net and small scale office use? I am guessing there is no way to retrofit HD playback capabilty to it, but I wouldn't mind the extra screen space.

Are the screens for sale on ebay for about ú40 for 1024x600 worth ordering? or is it only safe to buy from Dell. I can't find a page on dell uk to actually order any parts, am I being thick and can't find it or can you only order over the phone.

Is there anything else worth upgrading? I am thinking of getting a 2Gb ram stick. Is this an upgrade worth the cost as I wouldn't mind a little performance boost. Not interested in SSD's really as in my mind as the extra speed doesn't outweigh lack of space. Anything else to consider while I have it stripped down waiting to be fixed?

Cheers for any advice/help
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Default 04-02-2011, 04:58 AM

FYI: All of those questions have already been answered by the threads on the FIRST page. Get a drink, sit back, relax and read a few of them.

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