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Default 08-02-2011, 12:58 AM

Originally Posted by rrfranczak3 View Post
would it not have been easier just to order it that way in the 1st place (only for original purchasers not for 2nd/3rd hand owners)
The 1366 x 728 screen was not an option when I ordered my 1012.

To those who provided answers to my question, thanks.

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Default 10-20-2011, 02:12 AM

Finally ordered one. I'd not seen my 1012 since last winter. I kinda gave it to my wife, and since she had not used it since Feb 27, 2011, and I did not want to lug the 17x around today while I was sitting around in a hospital (another story).

I was happy with the OEM screen until today. My wife had seen me cleaning LCD screens before. I get a clean soft cotton washcloth and just swipe it under the water tap. I get it just barely damp and gently wipe of the dust, the sneezin's, the cough droplets, whatever. Gently and barely damp is the key here. Works great for me, at least the way I do it.

I remember several months ago, her asking me how to clean the screen on "her" laptop. I told her what I just said I did above. And that's about the last time I saw the 1012. Today I open it up, and day-yam! it looks like she went at it with a wet mop. There is a 2 inch ring around the INSIDE of the screen. It still works just fine,just this fugly ring around the screen. I think she doused it with a soaking wet washcloth, and decided to tuck the victim away. Anyway a new screen is on the way.

BTW the Bliss Computer website does not like Google Chrome.

IE8 worked fine.

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lotsa new stuff
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