Psyopper creates custom-made fitted sleeves for your Dell Mini 9.

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Originally Posted by psyopper View Post
It's interesting that you say it this way. Initially I was a little taken aback that you didn't like the strap, but it's all about how it's carried. When I first came up with the shoulder strap idea it was intended to be worn as you describe - across the body. It never occurred to me that it would be carried like a purse on a single shoulder! Is there an "I'm a moron" emoticon somewhere I can insert here?

The other thing I try to keep in mind in the design of these is how the stresses are applied when worn and used. This is an excellent example if you have the patience to read through the rest of this paragraph... If I anchor the shoulder strap at the top of the flap so that you get a dead hang, half of the weight of the sleeve is transferred to the front closing mechanism, be it the hook/loop or the buckles. While both are sturdy, probably more than enough for the application, it doesn't seem to make sense to risk an accidental opening at an inopportune time. With the buckles and pocket on the outer flap you can really see how this would be important - all that stress would be transferred to the main buckles attached to the outside of the outer pocket, which then gets transferred to the closing mechanism of the pocket itself. I'm sure it would hold just fine, but even then the flap will always be trying to open the pocket.
Ha! I guess that's a difference between the thoughts of boys and girls!

I understand what you're saying about the stress. On my bigger laptop bags the strap is always fastened to the side of the "sleeve," kind of the side the bag. . . I circled about the area in the picture. I don't know how feasible that is or if it would even work for your sleeve, but it might be something to look at.

Like I said, it's not bad if you wear it as a sash though. I may give it a chance to grow on me.
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