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Default 12-18-2009, 10:20 PM

I seem to have fixed it, by the muddling through method. I kept trying to get it to boot from the CD, trying save boot, one time boot, and anything else that came to mind, when on about the umpteeth try the Chamleon (at least, that's what I think it is - the yellow screen - came on, and I was able to run RC4 again which seems to have fixed everything, though I can't swear to it yet. At least, the Mini has successfully restarted into OSX several times now. I may do a full reinstall just to be on the safe side, but seems pretty good so far. The sleep problems I was having with 10.6 seem gone too!

Oh, I may have used the wrong update too. Anyone know what the differnce is between the Combo and the Software updates, for 10.6.2?

Funny thing about my experiences hacking my Mini is that of the 3 cliff hangers (well, that's how they seemed to me at the tim) I have encountered I solved all of them by just doing something over and over until something took and the Mini did what it was supposed to. Bad thing is, since I was fiddling with all the settings not in avery scientific manner, I have no clue whether it was something I did that worked, or just luck of the draw. Good thing is it worked!

Thanks for the help, everyone, and especially thanks to mechdrew who's guides, if I would only follow them, would make it all a snap!
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Default 12-20-2009, 03:25 AM

your point "Anyone know what the difference is between the Combo and the Software updates" is this ...

a combo update is a series combined update that lets you update your series step up to the current version regardless of your current series. so a "combo" update will get you from OSX.6.0 to OSX.6.2, while a logical series update is intended to take you to the next logical series step. i.e OSX.6.0 to OSX.6.1 (this stuff you only need to know if you manually update the series steps)

now "software update" is actually a Mac OSX app that checks your OSX and reports, analyses your current state and finds what firmware and series steps your Apple needs to bring it up to current state, be that a combo series update or logical step update, also new firmware or even new apple application issues (latest iTunes etc.), attached to a basic run through, mount, restart and flush cache script, the restart command is user defined.

Mac can not reverse the series step other than by backup method.

glad you managed to patch the Kernel problem for OSX.6.2, you cracked OSX on your Mini the moment you managed to first instal, so as long as you back up you can always reinstall so nothing is the end of the world... so chill

other than a dead COMOS chip...

hey muddling through is a well recognised scientific proceeder it's how we got to irradiate parts of japan and landed a man on the moon ...
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