Dell Inspiron 11z Discussion on Dells 11.6inch "notebook", the Dell Inspiron 11z

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Default How to use the Dell 11z Sim Slot and GPS!!! Solution Here! - 02-26-2012, 11:57 AM

As pointed out before, the Dell 11z has a sim slot under the battery area. The dell 11z comes with a Gobi 2000 card. Although the 11z is setup for sprint , WiMax you can easily change this, and also activate the GPS

the Gobi 2000 card can be used with verizon, sprint, GSM (like att, tmobile etc) You just need to load the right firmware and setup the proper settings.

First, download the dell Gobi 2000 drivers.

Next, you need the dell Gobi loader for novatel wireless, i got this from dells website although now i cant find the direct link. Install this software. Dell 11z Gobi Utility

Run the dell mobile broadband utility after install.

Under settings, you see "network selection" , to Use GSM overseas, i selected " Verizon wireless HSDPA" and hit ok. You might have to reboot the computer. Make sure your SIM is in , Also the APP has a GPS option which does work.

It should detect the sim, if not, check the settings and make sure you have them configured properly for your carrier. You might have to reboot, double check and make sure " verizon HSDPA " is selected. For some reason, this activated my GSM SIM slot

I can now use Smart in the Philippines on HSDPA. A big shame on everyone in the dell forums for saying its not possible or its locked.


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Here is the Dell 11z Gobi Utility Dell Gobi Loader.exe

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Here is a mirror of the dell Gobi 2000 Connection Utility
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Default 05-08-2012, 11:28 PM

I bought a Dell iM101z-3980KB from, the Setup Guide Manual and Service Tag indicate it is a Dell 1121. After I installed the "A08 1.1.100" driver and the "dell mobile broadband utility" and inserted my my T-mobile sim card or ATT sim card, it showed "no device detected" in "dell mobile broadband utility" . I try other drivers, still is unavailable.

At the same time, I cannot find the Gogi 2000 hardware (5260 chips) in the "Device Manager" of Win7. It should display "no recognized hardware" with a question mark for non-driver hardware, I think. So, what is wrong with my dell notebook. I will be crazy with this problem.

PS: the system info of mine is same with digitallysick's.[COLOR="Silver"]

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who can help me, I need the GPS function.
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dell 11z gobi unlock, dell 11z gps, dell 11z sim slot

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