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Default 10.6(.0) Retail to 10.6.7 Help Please! - 04-05-2011, 08:53 PM

Hiya, I'm new here, and I've been scouring these forums to find the best info on bringing my Mini 10v (UK Inspiron 1011 Pink) up to speed, took me days to finally get it installed as version 10.6(.0) disc with NBBM 0.8.4 RC1. It's taken alot of time and stress to get this far, and I'm leaving my USB pen as is in the event I have to wipe and install at any moment. It's up and running with everything enabled right now, but I'd like to update to 10.6.7 if at all possible, with zero headaches (irritations and minor stress IS permitted, however ).

So far, all upgrade routes are from 10.6.3 to 10.6.7, or updating in increments from outside files that usually result in hardware not working and requiring lots of tricks that aren't confirmed to work. I'm not expecting 100% on first try, but I'm hoping for a guide that will at least aid in getting me up to speed with little left not working in the end.

This post is a repeat of a post previously deleted as I broke forum rules. I'm sorry for that action and I've attempted to 'sanitize' the original post into this version.
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