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Default Intel SSD upgrade - 08-24-2010, 07:41 AM


I just added an Intel X25V (40GB) to my mini 10v
I use win seven pro with 2GB and i think the upgrade is quite worth ...

here are a few apps I timed

boot (all icons ready) : stock hdd 1min34 | ssd 1min08
open office writer : stock hdd 11s | ssd 6s
mozilla ff (1st lauch/2nd launch) : stock hdd 22s/7s | ssd 9s/4s
video vlc : stock hdd 12s | ssd 5s

I think the application launch is quite good but I m a bit dissapointed with the boot time. it s good but not that great.if anybody got an idea about that...

by the way, I did not do a fresh install, just copied the image of the HDD to the SSD with acronis, wonder if that makes any difference.
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