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Originally Posted by limowreck View Post
There is a driver you can download to enable multitouch options, as well as mostly fix the cursor jumping on the 1012...
I didn't say thanks. Thanks for the link Limowreak.
Originally Posted by BeBoP BiGsHoT View Post
What Limowreak posted is true. These drivers rock on the 1012. Now I only scroll using 2 fingers ( my MIDDLE finger and RING finger are perfect ) anywhere on the touch pad, up/down left/right. I was having trouble using the edge of the touch pad to scroll.___

I had to turn ON my synaptics driver software to enable 2 finger support and turn the sensitivity all the way down. AND turn down the WINDOWS scroll settings to 1 page at a time. Now it's very predictable and I'm very use to it now.

It would be cool if it could pinch to zoom and such but it can't. Im winxp btw, but i doubt Win7 would change that.
Thanks for reminding me about this. I haven't installed it yet. I'm trying to identify a problem and don't want to add anything new till I figure it out.


Mini 1012 : Win7, 1GB RAM, 250 GB HD, WiMax
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