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Default 03-30-2010, 10:54 AM

Originally Posted by swl33t View Post
ive got it working, however, the screen on the hdtv doesnt fit! on my hdtv the output appears to large for the screen... ive tried messing around with the resolution but no luck, any ideas? thanks
Originally Posted by reflex View Post
If it's a flat screen, your HDTV is the problem. It's overscanning. Try playing with TV settings like "zoom", "picture size", etc. On my HDTV, naming the input "PC" helps.

It's possible to compensate on the computer side (this might be necessary if you have a CRT or projector), but it's better to start on the TV side.
This is one of those things that sometimes you can never get perfect! I always had to have the HD display of my Acer Revo inset a bit.

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