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Hey there Steve, thanks again man.
Now, I'm not gonna put the horse in front of the cart, but I think we may have it fixed.
I went to my racing forum where I usually have the most trouble. (Stewart-Haas Racing)
After about 15 mins, NO POP-UPS!
So far all I've done was remove programs. I googled every one I wasn't sure of, so I didn't delete something important. I think the culprit possibly could have been iLivid/searchqu toolbar, after looking through some info on it during my search. It may have issues with web browsers it turns out. It even said in the add/remove programs that it was used a couple weeks ago, though I never use it. That seems to be about the last time I was in the racing forum. SO....we shall see.
I will be still doing the a/v (Malwarebytes) you suggested after I look through a few more things.
I also removed a couple unnecessary windows components too to free up a bit of space.
One last thing, I misquoted the book on "running 3 a/v at once." He doesn't say that. It was 3 spyware programs he runs. 1) Ad-Aware Free, 2)Spybot-S&D, 3)CCleaner.
Thoughts on these? (remembering, this book IS from 2010, so I expect a little is outdated. I will still research programs before using them in case they're out of date.)
I'll let ya know how things work, but feel free to comment on anything here.
MUCH, MUCH appreciation Holmes!

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