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Thanks for your thorough response. The main reason for reinstalling XP is to reformat the hard drive. It took some effort to get the virus removed and now the system has some strange behavior. For example double clicking on an icon on the desktop will not launch the app. But right-clicking and selecting open will. Since I don't know why this is, before I install Win7 or Win8 I would rather start with a "clean" XP system. I see you have a dual boot Win7/8 system. Do you have a preference? Microsoft has priced the Win8 Pro upgrade at $40 until 1/31/2013. This is a download only, it's $70 for a CD.

In another thread you had Ebay links for the 2GB daughterboard. The prices were $60 to $70. I also searched for a HD screen and the new ones were $50 to $70. Are these the expected prices for these parts? Also, are the HD screens the same for all versions of the mini 10, ie 1010, 1011, 1012?

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