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Default Can I upgrade xp to win 7 on mini 1012? - 03-22-2015, 06:37 PM

I have a Dell mini 1012 that I only used for about a year and stopped using because the wifi was so slow it made it unusable. Out of curiosity, I turned it on the other day and the battery was dead (no surprise) but I found that there were bios updates and wifi updates available through Dell. After I did the updates I found that it ran much faster and the wifi ran almost as fast as my tablet. I really loved the mini, as I love to write, but don’t want to use it if running xp because of the security holes. My question, would I be able to upgrade to win 7 home or even the win 7 starter. If so, how would I do this? I don’t want to waste money buying win 7 if it is not going to work. BTW – I had upgraded to 2gbs ram in the past when I was trying to resolve the slow running issue. It didn’t make much difference at the time. Any info and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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