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Double R..i have OFFICIALLY given up on the 2GB's trouble..& gets hot & then it slows down that's alls i can stands..& i can't stands no more..LOL..i'm going back to the 1.33GHZ/1GB RAM..that's it for caused trouble in the Mini that i was fixing..& it's causing the SAME trouble in mine..i might get the 1.33GHZ/2GB joint..(i'll see what's up)..&?? i'm selling it..i liked it so much..& now i hate it..LOL..i'd mentioned a little while back that when i'd put the 1.33GHZ/1GB RAM back in the mini that i fixed..everything worked (sighing)..i'm going to put it back in's still getting too hot & slowing we'll see what happens..Double R..(thinking back on something you'd mentioned a couple of days ago) you think that the USB cooler will help??..hit me back on this one before i sell this PC out of anger..LOL..thank you again..Peace..& God bless..

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