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good evening, everyone..i'm not even sure if anyone's even dealing with the mini1010..i DO have a few questions though..i recently got a hold of an R031P CPU/RAM combo..(this is a far superior daughterboard in comparison to the P787N)..the trouble that I had was this: when I installed it..1) the heatsink way off on the top screwing parts of the I left it off..when I ran saw the new CPU & the RAM..BUT!!!?? out of slowed down so fast..& stayed slow..i mean at a "snail's pace"..ok..i ran a MEMtest on went to 4 levels & the computer shut down..i waited a sec..(15 minutes)..then 2nd..I used Windows Memory Diagnostic..after the 2nd part of its test..the PC shuts down..i went ahead & reinstalled the P787N (the original one) & tested it as well..(both tests) & it passes every test with flying colors..but it was still to slow to play Youtube videos..(or ANY videos for that matter) I used "Cole's 2K Video Pack" videos play flawlessly..(even DVD/BluRay/HD DVD with the help of Total Media 3) questions are 1) could the CPU of the R031P have overheated..2) does it matter whether I use a Z520 CPU, a z530, or a z540..(yes they have them)..(laughing)..3) do I need to adjust the heatsink for these 2GB cards..(do I need the heatsink at all)..& 4) does it matter if the CPU is 1.33GHZ or 1.66GHZ or 1.87GHZ..(the 1.87 only has 1GB of RAM) seems the 1GB's are perfect squares & the 2GB's have a wing on the side..anyhows..I really could use some help here..hit me back when you get time..thank you all in advance..Peace..& God bless you & yours..

A-Weapons..South Bronx, NYC..
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