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Default Re: CrunchBang Linux? - 04-09-2009, 07:16 AM

I want to run Rosegarden on my 4 gig SSD, so I think I might switch to this. What version should I get? I'm downloading the eeePC one as we speak ...
Recommend the lite one, as the eeePCone screws with wireless settings. Yay, a netbook that doesn't have wireless internet. :/

Received lowest quality mini 9 with 512 megs RAM, 4 GB SSD. Additions:
-4 GB SSD [2 GB SD Card: getting 16 GB SDHC]
Sold for $180 so I could buy Mini 10, XP/Ubuntu, 160GB HD, 1GB RAM, 1366x768 screen, 6-cell for $260.
[Extra screen space IS AMAZING, as is having a working keyboard]
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