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Thanks Holmes, and thanks for the reply.
Here's where I'll probably catch some flack.
As I said, I'm not the expert on things, and since I don't really do too much sensitive stuff, or even a whole lot, I really don't use a lot of antivirus. I have Avast, but it's just the free one. Back when all this started, I received some help from my poker buddies on the issues, they gave a lot of help, and they suggested Avast and another one. Well, I don't think the Avast does much tbh. I know..."shell out some money ya' tightwad!"
I do plan on running a couple of antivirus programs after I get this all fixed. I read in that book I mentioned that the guy suggests running 3 at once. They're all free, so I'm not sure how much it would help really. I will likely follow any advice you guys give, so if you think it's necessary to shell out a few bucks for antivirus, well then that's what I'll have to do. Like I said, I don't do a ton, but enough on my forums, and FB to keep in touch w/ family, that it may be required to pay for the service.
I have read this entire book, and some really useful stuff has been learned, like finding this place. So hopefully my knowledge continues to increase, and maybe I can help someone like myself in the future. I'm not totally inept. I was the new-members coordinator and mod for PokerStars' pokerschool forum for a couple years. So I do okay in general.
After you read the info here, if you say to go ahead and check out the antivirus stuff you mentioned, I'll give it a shot.
Thanks very much!
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