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Default How to update DELL 6500 with mSATA SSD - 05-11-2011, 10:16 AM

Recently, I saw mSATA SSD words poped up in many forums, eg, Intel 310 mSATA, RENICE X3 mSATA SSD, Samsung PM800 mSATA . I have a computer DELL precision M6500 which has a slot can fit the SSD, After comparing, i bought one pc Renice X3 120GBmSATA from B2CIT to update my computer,what's the real performace for Renice mSATA, Let's experince it together

The Package with Pvc box ,and with the accessories : an instructions leaflet and two pcs screws .

Following are the whole process how to install Renice mSATA SSD into the PC.

The back side view for DELL M6500

We need first disassemble the FCM drive from the shown position, then put Renice mSATA SSD In.

FCM drive has been took out , then we put Renice mSATA SSD In.

we need to fix Renice mSATA SSD well with the Screws.

RENICE SSD well done in stallation

OK, Installation is done, Next what we need to do is to install the win7 OS, And we set Renice mSATA SSD as primary Drive.

Let's restart the computer after WIN7 os installation is over

Wow, The booting time just less than 25 seconds, i am so Flattered

Ok, Everything is done, Let's see the real performation for this 120GB Renice mSATA SSD.

First , let's check it with Win 7 Score Syetem

Incredible, The primary hard drive gain 7.8 points, As far we know , the highest score for the HDD is 5 points. It really good.

Then lets check the R/W Speed with ATTO DISK BENCHMARK.

This is my first time to update my computer with SSD, i am so happy with the performance.Not only the booting time. But the R/W Speed drive both go beyond obviously on the traditional hard drive.
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