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Default 10-03-2009, 10:28 PM

I just installed a Dell Mini 9 using netbookinstaller .8.3RC2 and updated to 10.5.8
I have the same problem with hang in about 1 in 5 boots. Has the 16GB drive shipped from Dell and has bluetooth.

I am going to try booting with -v all the time for a while and see if I can see where it hangs, but in the way of intermittent problems, it will probably never hang on a -v boot.

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Well, it hung in a -v boot on only the fourth try. Not wanting to type in all the stuff on the screen I took a photo, which is here:

It sure looks like it is hanging looking up the boot volume by uuid. Why this should happen only some times I have no idea.

Does this help any of you much more knowledgable people with this problem?

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I wish I knew more about Macs. Here is a second hang (it seems to hang around 1 in 10 now that I'm using -v).
It is slightly different than the first, this time it seemed to get further from the waiting for boot volume message, so maybe that isn't what it is hanging on. Both hangs happen right after messages about apple intel extensions, but in different orders.
First time it loads AppleIntelGMA950 and then hangs on AppleIntelGMAX3100
Second hang loads AppleIntelGMAX3100 and then hangs on AppleIntelGMA950
Are those graphics extensions?