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Default [SOLVED] Dell Mini 9 Won't Turn on - 09-19-2014, 04:23 AM

Hey all, solved this post literally 10 minutes after I posted it. Here's and edit to show what worked for me.

Basically, the battery wasn't working, I tried to flash a few different BIOS's to see if it would work again, to no avail. Then, while flashing another BIOS, it crashed, and left me with an unusable laptop. After researching, I found a video with a download for a wincrisis installer, which is used for emergency recovery of Phoenix BIOS. I got the wincris file, ran it, and it created a bootable mini-dos disk with a boot rom on it. I then downloaded the Dell BIOS from the drivers & downloads page for the Mini 9, ran the installer, once it opened WinPhlash I cancelled it, then went to C:\Windows\Temp\WINPHLASH. I found a BIOS.ROM there, renamed it BIOS.WPH, copied that to the flash drive to replace to old BIOS.WPH. This would mean that WinCrisis would boot up Mini-dos and recover the BIOS from that WPH file.

After this was done, I plugged the flash drive in, held down Fn + B, plugged in the AC adapter, pressed on, and waited for the flash drive light to come on. It blinked on and off a few times, and after that i released FN + B. I waited about 5 minutes, and the PC rebooted perfectly.

Hope this can help someone. Sorry I can't put a link to the download, I don't have enough posting permission. here is the title of the video: "Dell Laptop Pheonix BIOS Recovery From USB PENDRIVE".

Good luck,

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