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Smile Successful update - 07-26-2010, 07:59 PM

Just for the record, I also successfully updated the 5530 firmware in my Danish Mini 10 from version R1B/1 to R1D06 using Robert's patched updater under Windows 7.

The exact steps were:

  1. Located the COM port (in my case COM3) used by the device in the device manger.
  2. Stopped the "WWAN AutoConfig" and "Mobile Broadband" services.
  3. Opened a command prompt with admin privileges.
  4. Ran command FW_R1D06_forcedupdate.exe -t COM3
  5. Ignored message about compatibility.
  6. Waited around 15 minutes until "update successful" appeared.
  7. Shut down and started up again.
  8. Upgraded the 5530 driver to the one linked to in the "Windows 7 drivers for the Dell Mini 10 (1010)" sticky.

Before the update, I was experiencing occasional device or driver hangs, where the modem would lose connectivity while still looking like it was online, and attempts to disconnect/reconnect from the network would result in a BSOD a few minutes later.

So far no problems.

Thank you all very much.
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