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Default 02-22-2013, 11:59 PM

i was attempting to use a mini 9 i bought off ebay a year ago. along with a 3rd party battery that wouldnt detect. i downgraded bios to A00 using the biosflash v1.51 through usb. the flash change went through but still the battery wont charge and get the flashing orange/red lights. very frustrating. im thinking its not worth it to invest spending more money to upgrade an older laptop. it also has a 4gb ssd with tinyxp loaded but only 800 mb space available. do have an wiped clean 8gb ssd (from an older mini 9 that i cracked the screen and failed to attempt fixing) i loaded ubuntu onto that ssd. 8gb ssd seems too small to install windows xp, i tried.

i could probably sell it on ebay. surprisingly i see mini 9's still going for decent prices. mine is in good condition only the battery issue and small ssd (4gb or 8 gb). and maybe use the money to upgrade to a mini 12 possibly. for the most part the mini 9 has been sitting there collecting dust and rarely used. but if i could just fix this battery issue and get a larger ssd pretty cheap i dont mind keeping the mini 9 as a backup/travel netbook
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