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Default Re: CrunchBang Linux? - 02-26-2009, 06:05 PM

Hi there, my first post on the forums! I just ordered my Mini 9, can't wait until it gets here.

I am a veteran of CrunchBang on the desktop and the eee pc. I'm sure it will end up on my Mini when it arrives.

For those having issues with the keyboard layout, the reason may be that Crunchbang is a UK-based distro. So, when you are logging in, you should change the Language to US English, and then once you're logged in, edit your ~/.config/openbox/ (there is a shortcut for this in the Preferences->Openbox menu). You'll see a section where you can set your locale and keymap; simply uncomment (by deleting the #) the correct line for your US (or other) keymap.

Note these instructions are for a full install; I don't know how to do this if you're running from a Live CD/USB.
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