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Lightbulb Hi all and question - 09-12-2012, 03:04 AM

Im new here as well as new to netbook's(as well as never owned any portable puter)
I have been gifted a mini 1012 w/ a broke lcd as well as no battery im running it on external lcd
I want to run it this way along w/ usb mouse/keyboard...
~What i was wondering is there a way to remove lcd/top and still run it from vga and usb keyboard/mouse.
OR can i strip it down and make a lil puter to mount on back of a lcd?
Ive built a couple full size pc's but this is my 1st ever lappy/portable and i feel the need to experiment a lil since it was free.
With alota banging on f12 i manged to get into bios after 3 hrs-lol-and now its running pinguy linux(i guess gettin into bios was so hard due to havin to use a external lcd)

(reasoning for the curious is ive been intrigued for a while about mini puting but have limited funds)
Thanx in advance all!

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