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(laughing)..nah..i was just parting some knowledge..i actually have i had a chance to work with 3 of them..1st the 1.33ghz 1gb ram (p787n)..then the 1.66ghz 1gb ram (k029p)..& i'm currently working with the 1.66ghz 2gb ram (r031p)..remember..that was the one that was giving me trouble..BUT!!?? your suggestion fixed it..i've modified the heatsink & the card itself & now i'm good no..i didn't "downgrade" anything..i bought one thing before knowing about the other..PLUS: it only costed me like 60 for the 2GB..& like 10-20 for the 1GB no harm..LOL..& NO DOWNGRADE!! (laughing)..but i'm actually looking for that 1.86GHZ 2GB one..(i've seen the 1.86 1GB for $45..i might get it..&?? keep in mind..RAM is for how many functions can be performed at one time..& the CPU is for the speed of those functions..(or a particular function)..&?? if it's not TOO's worth buying something to see how it works..(i'm sure someone HAD to have taken a bath in order to learn how to modify the heatsink so it would fit the 2GB RAM/CPU's)..LOL..again, Double R..i thank you so much..Peace..& God bless..

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