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Default Extended battery won't charge - 06-02-2011, 10:24 AM

I bought the extended battery from your shop in Oswego and used it for awhile with no problem. I haven't used my Mini in months so of course the battery ran out but now it won't charge at all. I've had it plugged in overnight but nothing. What can I do to fix the battery? Thanks in advance for your help.
Update: I charged the original Dell battery to 98% and it works fine. I also tried taking the extended battery off and putting it back on while it was plugged in (as was suggested i9n another post)but that didn't work either. The battery meter says 0%(charging)and has since yesterday.

Seriously? No response from anyone???

6/4/11 Update Battery meter showed X through it. Took battery off then put back on while plugged into AC. Result was error message and flashing lights "Battery not identified. Press F1 to continue." Following instruction did nothing. Had to remove battery completely and plug into AC in order to get Mini to come on.

Guess I was suckered into wasting $50 for the extended Battery.

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