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Default Newly Upgraded Daugterboard having issues - 04-22-2014, 12:42 AM

Hi I'm new here so hello to you all. Hopefully you can help me out. I have a 1.33GHZ 1GB mini 1010 that I just purchased and upgraded to the 1.6GHZ 2GB daughterboard. Heatsink is on (with three screws). I have Windows 7 professional installed and all the updated software (except the BIOS) is installed from the Dell website. I had no issues with the old board just wanted to speed it up some. After installation booted up fine but after just a couple minutes in windows the screen goes blank and it is non responsive till I pull the battery. No particular action makes it happen, once at login, other times just randomly. I booted in safe mode and it did not crash for at least 5 minutes, I don't know if it would have because I had to leave but that was a longer period of time than it was crashing on. Any thoughts before I go trying to figure it out?? Thanks
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