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Default Mini 10v Misbehaving Badly - 12-05-2012, 07:54 PM

My Mini 10v has been getting slower and randomly freezing up. I decided to use the recovery disk from an external CD/DVD drive to see if it would help. It went through setup O.K. but then said a certain file couldn't be installed. After that, nothing works right. It takes 5 minutes to start up and will shut down only when the on/off button is held down for 5 secs. If I try to restart by booting from the ext. CD, it just sits there. I thought if I just wiped the HD clean with reformat command, I could run the recovery disk, but the reformat command has to be accessed through Windows and I get the message that another installation is in progress. I don't know how to reformat from the command prompt - I can't even get to the command prompt. Any ideas how to heal this thing?
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