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Default Bootloader queries - 10-24-2011, 02:28 PM

hi all,

I've been happily triple-booting my mini 10v with windows 7, os 10.6.7, and ubuntu 11.04, recently updated to 11.10 with no issues.

now that i'm comfortable with the system i've been trying to change the theme in chameleon but seem to have hit a wall. I'm using Lizard rather than altering the boot file myself. The issue I am having is that whenever I change the theme, osx decides it can't boot so I have to use my nbi usb drive to get in and run nbi once in osx to get it to work again. any suggestions?

also, I'm wondering if it is possible to remove/disable grub, since that loads every time i go to load ubuntu from chameleon, and pressing enter twice is far too much effort for me lol


turns out i'm retarded and updated chameleon in Lizard, tried again just changing the theme and it worked fine.

I'd still like to know if I can get rid of grub somehow though

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