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Default 12-05-2009, 01:53 PM

You're gonna want this guide:
NetbookInstaller 2: USB Mac Installation via Any Operating System | Guides | OS X | mechdrew

But the BIOS is a potentially big issue. Which version is it? Do you know how to check? You need to hit the F2 key when you see the Dell logo when it's booting up.

Also: is this a Dell Mini 10 or a Dell Mini 10v? While there have been reports of successful installs on the 10, I don't know that any of the install guides work for it. You'd have to read through this thread.

As for your Mini 9 woes, we're gonna need a lot more information. What install method you used (Type11? DellEFI? Netbookmaker?) and what version of OSX you're running, for starters.

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