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I have two mini 9's and three SSD: 16GB STEC (original hw), 16GB Super Talent FEM16GFDL, and recently I got 32 GB KingSpec. I don't see any difference between these (besides one is double size), and I've done multiple installations of Ubuntu, XUbuntu and OSX 10.6.8 on them.

The regular 14.10 Ubuntu with Unity is slow. XUbuntu 14.10 works fine. The OSX 10.6.8 takes some effort to set up, but works great.

The read speed of my three SSD's are somewhere between 50-100 MB per second. Good enough for quick boot of a simple OS.

The write speed is a "don't care" for me. In normal operations, the machine write little tidbits to disk occasionally. These go first into a cache in RAM. Few seconds later, a low priority task ( which user does not wait for) writes the tidbits from RAM to SSD.
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