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Default 07-14-2010, 03:12 AM

Well fitting the aerials was a major pain - taking the screen protector off is not for the faint hearted a real major job - but now done. I had to hack the ones up from the mini 9 as they don't actually fit that well but they do reach and can be fitted into the correct position at the top of the screen - my reception is not that brilliant using them probably due to the hacking!!!!

But it can be done there is no external damage and the 5530 card will work - am using win 7 64 bit. Have swapped the WLAN for the "new" WWAN my wireless signal has dropped to 1 bar from 2, in saying that the mini 9 I use for work is also only achievinge 1 bar so it may not be that bad after all!!!

PS - the GPS also works fine

After playing with the aerials I have not got both wireless systems running brilliantly - using one from the WLAN and one from the WWAN at both now are achieving fantastic signal strength. Now just to get all the screws back in and it's done
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