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Originally Posted by Dark Horse View Post
Thanks for the reply Steve, I can see from your sig that OCZ Vertex in your Mini is SATA II.

Performance wise, how did you find Ubuntu compared to Win 7?
I chose the vertex 2 as all the specs i read and research i did said the 1012 only has sata2 connection. Couldn't see the point in spending over the odds on sata3 not to benefit from it.

I found Ubuntu really good to use and very snappy and it does bug me that I know W7 will bog down over time but for I use it to do some excel presentation work and the documents I create on my desktop just didnt look right in libre office on ubuntu.

Given the option I'd run ubuntu with MS office lol

Mini 1012 - Intel Atom N450 - OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB SSD - 2GB Crucial DDR2 667 RAM - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
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