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Originally Posted by rrfranczak3 View Post
personally I just used the 3 screws that do fit, left the other one alone, and just removed the termal pad from the processor VERY carefully and just put it on the new processor, DO NOT USE THERMAL PASTE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
3 screws will hold the board just fine, after all your not going to be throwing the thing around right?....mine has been in for like 3 yrs now and I have NEVER had ANY issues with it since the day I put it in, the last thing I did to mine was to put in the 1 terabyte hard drive, gave 500gb to Windows 7 and 500gb to Windows 8 which I since upgraded to 8.1

Good Luck...

PS. Welcome to the forum................

Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome! I used a dremel tool (as someone else suggested) and moved the left hole on the daughterboard to the right about 1/16 of an inch to make the board sit flat on the stud. I dremelled off the top part of the right front stud and placed two layers of friction tape over it to isolate the board as it rested on it. I straightened the right edge of the heat sink in a vise so that it would rest flat on the board and put a layer of tape on the edge between the heat sink and the board. I noticed that the thermal pad did not line up with the new processor, moved it onto the new processor as you suggested. Reassembly went well. I had to reset the date/time when I fired it up. Win7 booted and displayed the 2GB of ram. Yeah!!!

Only one issue which I'll have to research. When I tried to update the Windows Experience Index, the machine blue screened with a problem with igdkmd32.sys. Any ideas? Other than that, I'm calling this a successful mission.

Thanks for the help. This is a great forum, with lots of good info.
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