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Default 11-04-2013, 03:28 PM's an update..1) Win7 64Bit will NOT install in my Mini..(it kept saying that my CPU won't accept 64Bit OS functions) (sighing)..i used the Win HP 32Bit..(i bought a Dell OEM COA key for 20 bucks)..i WAS going to get a Win 7 Starter disc..(i still may get it)..but i went with the 32 Bit Home Premium..2) this PC is made for Win7 Starter & XP Home Edition..on the PC that i was fixing..the 1.33GHZ/1GB Ram worked nicely with Starter..using the thermal heatsink..i no longer have the issue with the CPU card overheating & turning off the PC..BUT!!?? EVEN W/2GB's of RAM..the PC goes a little slow..i checked for errors in the HDD..ran RAM tests..(BTW: w/the heatsink..the CPU card passed ALL of the RAM tests)..disk cleanup & disk defragged..put all of the updates in..& the same thing..kind of slow..(thinking & skipping the subject for a sec)'s something i learned yesterday..if your YouTube videos are LAGGING in Google's how you fix it..1) type in "chrome://plugins" (without the quotation marks) in the Google browser..go to the top right of the browser screen & click "details"..this will show all of the Adobe Flash Plugins..the one that you look for is called "Pepper Flash"..when you see that one..disable it..but keep the other ones enabled..(otherwise you won't be able to play any videos from Youtube..or any other flash media)..if Pepper Flash is the ONLY one'll have to d/l Adobe Flash standalone installation..anyhows..once you've disabled Pepper Flash..(and NOT disabled the rest of the flashes)..restart your browser..go to Youtube..& you should be good..also?? d/l Cole's 2K Video Pack..(like i'd mentioned before..i've played Blurays/HD-DVD's on a Mini that i'd fixed)..ok..back to the Mini that's mine..(laughing)..i think that Starter only gives you the basic Win7..(no fancy shadows & halogen lamps) i think that i'm going to just go to properties..& only start like 4-5 things..(i saw it on Youtube)..i'll see if THAT speeds things up..Double R..i actually like these Mini's..(that's why i went ahead and got one)..i'm actually going to HAVE to get a Mac..(DAMN)..LOL..there's a Music software called Pro Tools..& Mac's are perfect for it..(it was built for Macs originally) i have to bite the brother & nephew have IPads..(HATED IT)..LOL..listen..i'll hit you back..(even the HDMI on this is decent)..LOL..thank you for your time..Peace..& God bless..

A-Weapons..South Bronx, NYC..

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