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Default M11x - 05-28-2011, 08:30 PM

Installed a Kingston 96gb 100V+ SSD, since DDR Ram is cheap and I use it for gaming, I added 8gb Ram. Had to replace the Dell wireless card, it died the 2nd day I had it, swapped in an Intel 5100 card I had in my inventory. Updated the Nvidia graphics, latest driver from Nvidia website, made a big difference in gaming over the old driver Dell has on their website. Updated bios to A05. Definitely impressed with the M11X, even more so when I consider the price I paid at the Outlet.

My Flagship Rig: XPS I7 930 2.8ghz 12gb Ram 120gb OCZ SSD ATI Radeon 5830 W7 Ult Asus G73SW I7 2.0GHZ QuadCore 12gb Ram 120gb OCZ Ssd Nvidia GTX460 Dell Latitude E6400 Intel 2.4ghz Core2 Duo 40gb Intel Ssd 4gb Ram
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