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Default 02-16-2020, 04:25 PM

Hi holmes,

Thx for your response. I finally managed to find the original CDs (2 CDs: one with Xp and the other one with Dell drivers) and did a new XP + drivers install. All went ok.

So laptop was revived

Now my new problem is that laptop is extremely slow, or at least, for the usage I wanted to give, which basically is that my kids can watch some youtube videos. I installed an old firefox version (newer versions are unsupported in XP) which is very slow (XP's IExplorer was basically incompatible with current www) and in practice, it's unusable.

I know laptop has low-hardware capabilities and current www is more demanding than years ago. I'm wondering if any mini10 owners are presently using the laptop and what's your experience with it. I think now the laptop is only valid for opening notepad and take some raw notes :-))).

I'm not sure if Mint (or other Linux distro) is going to solve the problem. I guess it can make things worse since mini10 has a crappy gfx card that (I think) was unsopported in Linux (no acceleration). I'd be delighted if someone prove me wrong.

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