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Originally Posted by kuoh View Post
It's recommended, but not critical.

Close all open applications, disable any AV and malware scanners. Plug in the AC adapter and make sure the battery is at least 75% charged to prevent an unexpected shutdown. Browse to c:\dell\drivers\r300869, double click win_samosa12.exe, then click the start button.

Worked fine for me just now going from A11 to A12 and only took a couple of minutes.

I'm trying to do updates on a Dell mini I plan on giving to a neighbor's kid. The same thing is happening to me. A black screen saying SamosaA12.EXE and inside the black window Biomark Version 2.10 for DOS. But nothing is happening. When I go to close the window I'm warned that I can't do that while a program is running. But if I press enter the window closes. I know this is an old thread but is there anyway you could let me know what I should do now?
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