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Originally Posted by kzfisher View Post

Thanks for the tip! My drive was formatted in GUID, this can be done in Windows 7. My main problem was not being able to get access to a Mac to correctly partion/format in HFS, and then restore the images. I was alos unable to run NBM 0.8.4pre, because it's a .app file for a Mac. So basically, I thought I was screwed without access to a Mac...

And then...I realized I had like 50GB of unpartioned space on my desktop...perfect size for an OSX install. I was successfully able to install and boot OSX on that partition, and now I'm working on formatting the USB drives through the Mac Disk Utility. It told me last night that it would take 2+ hours, and so I left it and went to bed...only to find that it had froze up in the middle of the night.

I had to go to work, so I set it to run and we'll see how it went when I get home.

For those wondering about the Virtual Machine...

This worked on my desktop, but it took far too long to try and install on my 1012. Once I had OSX running in the VM, I was able to set up, but I wasn't really able to access my USB drives to format them. I had VMWare Workstation 7. It was at this point, after spending nearly an entire day on it, that I went with the straight install to my unpartitioned space on my internal HDD.

Now I have OSX 10.5.5 running on my desktop with no hiccups so far, other than the random freeze last night. I'm going to try the rest of the steps when I get home.

To be honest though, at this point I might just retired from the OSX on 1012 setup. From what I've seen on Leopard this weekend, it doesn't really seem like it's for me. I might just focus on turning the 1012 into a sweet Windows netbook. If only I can get that damned resolution to be higher...

Unfortunately you can't get the resolution higher on the 1012 unless you purchased the 1012 with the 720p LCD.

Also unfortunately, you need to have an OS X install of 10.6 or higher to use NetbookBootmaker 0.8.4pre. 10.5.5 will not work for making a bootable OS X USB drive for your 1012.
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