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Default Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Mod - SUCCESS! - 04-20-2009, 02:09 PM

I am wanting to mod my Mini9 with an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. This would allow my to use my 360 Wireless controllers for emulated gaming, and the Wireless Headset for Ventrilo and such.

After taking it out of it's housing and placing it in the Mini9 to see if it would even fit, I found that I fits almost perfectly. There is a slight flex put on the receiver board when you close the Mini9 up since the white USB connector is just a bit too high. That said, the flexing is minimal and the panel on the Mini9 closes up and remains that way without issue.

I assumed I could folow the instructions of the GPS mod for the wiring, but I discovered that I have a couple problems.

A.) I have no idea what wires serve what function on this.

B.) There are five wires opposed to four that is on the gps mod. EDIT: A friend has told me the fifth black wire is unused and acts as shielding.

If anyone has already tried this or otherwise has any advice for me I would be greatly appreciative!
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