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I bricked my 1012 tonight going through all the latest updates...I put windows 7 on it, new battery and now 2gb RAM.

So using the windows flasher it got stuck and bricked....

I searched through these threads and did some more googling and finally succeeded.

I used this pack that was actually referenced on a youtube vid called Dell Laptop Pheonix BIOS Recovery From USB PENDRIVE (No use of USB FLOPPY DRIVE). It is a WINCRIS.EXE pack hosted at mediafire.

Ran the program on a 2GB usb jump drive and copied the most recent BIOS update from Dell to it and renamed it to BIOS.WPH

I tried a few different combinations of holding down End and Fn+End while plugging in the power cord. Honestly I cant remember which version finally worked...but it did eventually. The other difference with mine was that as soon as I plugged the cord in with End held down it would power up - even without pressing the power button.

It did beep once. I could tell that the USB drive was working finally with the blinking LED and then after a couple minutes it shut off, rebooted still to black screen and was in the 5 beep mode. I let it go for a minute or 2 and finally just hit the power button. It shut off, I removed the USB drive and hit the power button...Low and behold it booted up finally!!!

I think the key was in the prep of the jump drive but anyways I am glad it worked.

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